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Public Attributes

server_s Struct Reference

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List of all members.

Public Attributes

qboolean active
 false if only a net client
server_connectfloodaddress_t connectfloodaddresses [MAX_CONNECTFLOODADDRESSES]
int csqc_progcrc
char csqc_progname [MAX_QPATH]
int csqc_progsize
unsigned char csqcentityversion [MAX_EDICTS]
 legacy support for self.Version based csqc entity networking
sizebuf_t datagram
unsigned char datagram_buf [NET_MAXMESSAGE]
double frametime
int lastcheck
double lastchecktime
char lightstyles [MAX_LIGHTSTYLES][64]
qboolean loadgame
 handle connections specially
char model_precache [MAX_MODELS][MAX_QPATH]
struct model_smodels [MAX_MODELS]
char name [64]
 map name
int numsendentities
char particleeffectname [SV_MAX_PARTICLEEFFECTNAME][MAX_QPATH]
qboolean particleeffectnamesloaded
qboolean paused
double pausedstart
protocolversion_t protocol
 one of the PROTOCOL_ values
sizebuf_t reliable_datagram
unsigned char reliable_datagram_buf [NET_MAXMESSAGE]
entity_state_t sendentities [MAX_EDICTS]
entity_state_tsendentitiesindex [MAX_EDICTS]
int sententities [MAX_EDICTS]
int sententitiesconsideration [MAX_EDICTS]
int sententitiesmark
sizebuf_t signon
unsigned char signon_buf [NET_MAXMESSAGE]
 LordHavoc: increased signon message buffer from 8192.
char sound_precache [MAX_SOUNDS][MAX_QPATH]
server_state_t state
 some actions are only valid during load
double time
world_t world
 collision culling data
char worldbasename [MAX_QPATH]
char worldmessage [40]
struct model_sworldmodel
char worldname [MAX_QPATH]
char worldnamenoextension [MAX_QPATH]
int writeentitiestoclient_cliententitynumber
int writeentitiestoclient_clientnumber
unsigned short writeentitiestoclient_csqcsendstates [MAX_EDICTS]
vec3_t writeentitiestoclient_eyes [MAX_CLIENTNETWORKEYES]
int writeentitiestoclient_numeyes
unsigned char writeentitiestoclient_pvs [MAX_MAP_LEAFS/8]
int writeentitiestoclient_pvsbytes
const entity_state_twriteentitiestoclient_sendstates [MAX_EDICTS]
int writeentitiestoclient_stats_culled_pvs
int writeentitiestoclient_stats_culled_trace
int writeentitiestoclient_stats_totalentities
int writeentitiestoclient_stats_visibleentities

Detailed Description

Definition at line 70 of file server.h.

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