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rtlight_s Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

vec_t ambientscale
 ambient intensity to render
vec3_t cached_cullmaxs
vec3_t cached_cullmins
mplane_t cached_frustumplanes [5]
struct entity_render_s ** cached_lightentities
struct entity_render_s ** cached_lightentities_noselfshadow
unsigned char * cached_lighttrispvs
int cached_numfrustumplanes
int cached_numlightentities
 these fields are set by R_Shadow_PrepareLight for later drawing
int cached_numlightentities_noselfshadow
int cached_numshadowentities
int cached_numshadowentities_noselfshadow
int cached_numsurfaces
struct entity_render_s ** cached_shadowentities
struct entity_render_s ** cached_shadowentities_noselfshadow
unsigned char * cached_shadowtrispvs
int * cached_surfacelist
vec3_t color
 typically 1 1 1, can be lower (dim) or higher (overbright)
int compiled
 true if this is a compiled world light, cleared if the light changes
vec_t corona
 intensity of corona to render
unsigned int corona_queryindex_allpixels
unsigned int corona_queryindex_visiblepixels
float corona_visibility
 used by corona updates, due to occlusion query
vec_t coronasizescale
 radius scale of corona to render (1.0 means same as light radius)
char cubemapname [64]
 light filter
vec3_t cullmaxs
vec3_t cullmins
vec3_t currentcolor
 this is R_GetCubemap(rtlight->cubemapname)
vec_t diffusescale
 diffuse intensity to render
qboolean draw
 set by R_Shadow_PrepareLight to decide whether R_Shadow_DrawLight should draw it
int flags
 LIGHTFLAG_* flags.
int isstatic
matrix4x4_t matrix_lighttoworld
 matrix for transforming light filter coordinates to world coordinates
matrix4x4_t matrix_worldtolight
 matrix for transforming world coordinates to light filter coordinates
int particlecache_maxparticles
int particlecache_numparticles
 particle-tracing cache for global illumination
int particlecache_updateparticle
float photoncolor [3]
 bouncegrid light info
float photons
vec_t radius
 size of the light (remove?)
int shadow
 whether light should render shadows
int shadowmode
 the shadowing mode used to compile this light
vec3_t shadoworigin
 used only for shadow volumes
vec_t specularscale
 specular intensity to render
int * static_leaflist
unsigned char * static_leafpvs
unsigned char * static_lighttrispvs
 premade shadow volumes to render for world entity
int static_numleafpvsbytes
int static_numleafs
 used for visibility testing (more exact than bbox)
int static_numlighttrispvsbytes
int static_numshadowtrispvsbytes
int static_numsurfaces
 surfaces seen by light
int static_shadowmap_casters
int static_shadowmap_receivers
 masks of all shadowmap sides that have any potential static receivers or casters
unsigned char * static_shadowtrispvs
int * static_surfacelist
int style
 light style to monitor for brightness

Detailed Description

Definition at line 100 of file client.h.

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