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r_refdef_s Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int draw2dstage
qboolean envmap
double farclip
float fog_alpha
float fog_blue
float fog_density
float fog_end
float fog_fadedepth
float fog_green
float fog_height
unsigned char * fog_height_table1d
unsigned char * fog_height_table2d
float fog_height_tablescale
int fog_height_tablesize
float fog_height_texcoordscale
char fog_height_texturename [64]
float fog_red
float fog_start
float fogcolor [3]
qboolean fogenabled
float fogheightfade
char fogheighttexturename [64]
float fogmasktable [FOGMASKTABLEWIDTH]
float fogmasktable_alpha
float fogmasktable_density
float fogmasktable_range
float fogmasktable_start
float fogmasktabledistmultiplier
float fogplane [4]
qboolean fogplaneviewabove
float fogplaneviewdist
float fogrange
float fograngerecip
float frustumscale_x
float frustumscale_y
double lastdrawscreentime
float lightmapintensity
double nearclip
qboolean oldgl_fogenable
float polygonfactor
float polygonoffset
r_refdef_scene_t scene
float shadowpolygonfactor
float shadowpolygonoffset
r_refdef_stats_t stats
r_refdef_view_t view
float viewblend [4]
r_refdef_viewcache_t viewcache

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1756 of file client.h.

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