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Public Attributes

client_s Struct Reference

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List of all members.

Public Attributes

qboolean active
 false = empty client slot
int clientcamera
 clientcamera (entity to use as camera)
qboolean clientconnectcalled
 false = don't do ClientDisconnect on drop
double clmovement_disabletimeout
 this is used by sv_clmovement_minping code
float clmovement_inputtimeout
 this is used by sv_clmovement_inputtimeout code
usercmd_t cmd
int colors
double connecttime
 realtime this client connected
int csqcentityframe_lastreset
csqcentityframedb_t csqcentityframehistory [NUM_CSQCENTITYDB_FRAMES]
int csqcentityframehistory_next
unsigned char csqcentityglobalhistory [MAX_EDICTS]
unsigned char csqcentityscope [MAX_EDICTS]
unsigned int csqcentitysendflags [MAX_EDICTS]
int csqcnumedicts
qboolean download_deflate
int download_expectedposition
 next position the client should ack
char download_name [MAX_QPATH]
qboolean download_started
vec3_t fixangle_angles
qboolean fixangle_angles_set
int frags
double keepalivetime
 keepalive messages must be sent periodically during signon
int latestframenum
 latest received clc_ackframe (used to detect packet loss)
signed char movement_count [NETGRAPH_PACKETS]
int movement_highestsequence_seen
int movesequence
float nametime
 prevent animated names
char netaddress [MAX_QPATH]
 netaddress support
 communications handle
int num_skippedentityframes
int old_colors
int old_frags
char old_model [MAX_QPATH]
char old_name [MAX_SCOREBOARDNAME]
char old_skin [MAX_QPATH]
float ping
 LordHavoc: can be used for prediction or whatever...
char playermodel [MAX_QPATH]
char playerskin [MAX_QPATH]
int rate
 requested rate in bytes per second
int sendsignon
 1 = send svc_serverinfo and advance to 2, 2 doesn't send, then advances to 0 (allowing unlimited sending) when prespawn is received
float spawn_parms [NUM_SPAWN_PARMS]
 spawn parms are carried from level to level
qboolean spawned
 false = don't send datagrams
int stats [MAX_CL_STATS]
unsigned char statsdeltabits [(MAX_CL_STATS+7)/8]
 demo recording
sizebuf_t unreliablemsg
unsigned char unreliablemsg_data [NET_MAXMESSAGE]
int unreliablemsg_splitpoint [NET_MAXMESSAGE/16]
int unreliablemsg_splitpoints
float visibletime [MAX_EDICTS]
 visibility state
char weaponmodel [MAX_QPATH]
 cache weaponmodel name lookups
int weaponmodelindex
vec3_t wishdir
 intended motion calced from cmd

Detailed Description

Definition at line 180 of file server.h.

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