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Copyright (C) 1996-1997 Id Software, Inc.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of

See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.

// server.h

#ifndef SERVER_H
#define SERVER_H

00025 typedef struct server_static_s
      /// number of svs.clients slots (updated by maxplayers command)
00028       int maxclients, maxclients_next;
      /// client slots
00030       struct client_s *clients;
      /// episode completion information
00032       int serverflags;
      /// cleared when at SV_SpawnServer
00034       qboolean changelevel_issued;
      /// server infostring
00036       char serverinfo[MAX_SERVERINFO_STRING];
      // performance data
      float perf_cpuload;
      float perf_lost;
      float perf_offset_avg;
      float perf_offset_max;
      float perf_offset_sdev;
      // temporary performance data accumulators
      float perf_acc_realtime;
      float perf_acc_sleeptime;
      float perf_acc_lost;
      float perf_acc_offset;
      float perf_acc_offset_squared;
      float perf_acc_offset_max;
      int perf_acc_offset_samples;

      // csqc stuff
      unsigned char *csqc_progdata;
      size_t csqc_progsize_deflated;
      unsigned char *csqc_progdata_deflated;
} server_static_t;


typedef enum server_state_e {ss_loading, ss_active} server_state_t;

00063 typedef struct server_connectfloodaddress_s
      double lasttime;
      lhnetaddress_t address;

00070 typedef struct server_s
      /// false if only a net client
00073       qboolean active;

      qboolean paused;
      double pausedstart;
      /// handle connections specially
00078       qboolean loadgame;

      /// one of the PROTOCOL_ values
00081       protocolversion_t protocol;

      double time;

      double frametime;

      // used by PF_checkclient
      int lastcheck;
      double lastchecktime;

      // crc of clientside progs at time of level start
      int csqc_progcrc; // -1 = no progs
      int csqc_progsize; // -1 = no progs
      char csqc_progname[MAX_QPATH]; // copied from csqc_progname at level start

      /// collision culling data
00097       world_t world;

      /// map name
00100       char name[64]; // %s followed by entrance name
      // variants of map name
      char worldmessage[40]; // map title (not related to filename)
      char worldbasename[MAX_QPATH]; // %s
      char worldname[MAX_QPATH]; // maps/%s.bsp
      char worldnamenoextension[MAX_QPATH]; // maps/%s
      struct model_s *worldmodel;
      // NULL terminated
      // LordHavoc: precaches are now MAX_QPATH rather than a pointer
      // updated by SV_ModelIndex
      char model_precache[MAX_MODELS][MAX_QPATH];
      struct model_s *models[MAX_MODELS];
      // NULL terminated
      // LordHavoc: precaches are now MAX_QPATH rather than a pointer
      // updated by SV_SoundIndex
      char sound_precache[MAX_SOUNDS][MAX_QPATH];
      char lightstyles[MAX_LIGHTSTYLES][64];
      /// some actions are only valid during load
00118       server_state_t state;

      sizebuf_t datagram;
      unsigned char datagram_buf[NET_MAXMESSAGE];

      // copied to all clients at end of frame
      sizebuf_t reliable_datagram;
      unsigned char reliable_datagram_buf[NET_MAXMESSAGE];

      sizebuf_t signon;
      /// LordHavoc: increased signon message buffer from 8192
00129       unsigned char signon_buf[NET_MAXMESSAGE];

      /// connection flood blocking
      /// note this is in server_t rather than server_static_t so that it is
      /// reset on each map command (such as New Game in singleplayer)
00134       server_connectfloodaddress_t connectfloodaddresses[MAX_CONNECTFLOODADDRESSES];

      qboolean particleeffectnamesloaded;
      char particleeffectname[SV_MAX_PARTICLEEFFECTNAME][MAX_QPATH];

      int writeentitiestoclient_stats_culled_pvs;
      int writeentitiestoclient_stats_culled_trace;
      int writeentitiestoclient_stats_visibleentities;
      int writeentitiestoclient_stats_totalentities;
      int writeentitiestoclient_cliententitynumber;
      int writeentitiestoclient_clientnumber;
      sizebuf_t *writeentitiestoclient_msg;
      vec3_t writeentitiestoclient_eyes[MAX_CLIENTNETWORKEYES];
      int writeentitiestoclient_numeyes;
      int writeentitiestoclient_pvsbytes;
      unsigned char writeentitiestoclient_pvs[MAX_MAP_LEAFS/8];
      const entity_state_t *writeentitiestoclient_sendstates[MAX_EDICTS];
      unsigned short writeentitiestoclient_csqcsendstates[MAX_EDICTS];

      int numsendentities;
      entity_state_t sendentities[MAX_EDICTS];
      entity_state_t *sendentitiesindex[MAX_EDICTS];

      int sententitiesmark;
      int sententities[MAX_EDICTS];
      int sententitiesconsideration[MAX_EDICTS];

      /// legacy support for self.Version based csqc entity networking
00163       unsigned char csqcentityversion[MAX_EDICTS]; // legacy
} server_t;

00167 typedef struct csqcentityframedb_s
      int framenum;
      int num;
      unsigned short entno[NUM_CSQCENTITIES_PER_FRAME];
      int sendflags[NUM_CSQCENTITIES_PER_FRAME];
} csqcentityframedb_t;

// if defined this does ping smoothing, otherwise it does not
//#define NUM_PING_TIMES 16

#define NUM_SPAWN_PARMS 16

00180 typedef struct client_s
      /// false = empty client slot
00183       qboolean active;
      /// false = don't do ClientDisconnect on drop
00185       qboolean clientconnectcalled;
      /// false = don't send datagrams
00187       qboolean spawned;
      /// 1 = send svc_serverinfo and advance to 2, 2 doesn't send, then advances to 0 (allowing unlimited sending) when prespawn is received
00189       int sendsignon;

      /// requested rate in bytes per second
00192       int rate;

      /// realtime this client connected
00195       double connecttime;

      /// keepalive messages must be sent periodically during signon
00198       double keepalivetime;

      /// communications handle
00201       netconn_t *netconnection;

      int movesequence;
      signed char movement_count[NETGRAPH_PACKETS];
      int movement_highestsequence_seen; // not the same as movesequence if prediction is off
      /// movement
00207       usercmd_t cmd;
      /// intended motion calced from cmd
00209       vec3_t wishdir;

      /// PRVM_EDICT_NUM(clientnum+1)
00212       prvm_edict_t *edict;

      float ping_times[NUM_PING_TIMES];
      /// ping_times[num_pings%NUM_PING_TIMES]
      int num_pings;
      /// LordHavoc: can be used for prediction or whatever...
00220       float ping;

      /// this is used by sv_clmovement_minping code
00223       double clmovement_disabletimeout;
      /// this is used by sv_clmovement_inputtimeout code
00225       float clmovement_inputtimeout;

/// spawn parms are carried from level to level
00228       float spawn_parms[NUM_SPAWN_PARMS];

      // properties that are sent across the network only when changed
      int colors, old_colors;
      int frags, old_frags;
      char playermodel[MAX_QPATH], old_model[MAX_QPATH];
      char playerskin[MAX_QPATH], old_skin[MAX_QPATH];

      /// netaddress support
00238       char netaddress[MAX_QPATH];

      /// visibility state
00241       float visibletime[MAX_EDICTS];

      // scope is whether an entity is currently being networked to this client
      // sendflags is what properties have changed on the entity since the last
      // update that was sent
      int csqcnumedicts;
      unsigned char csqcentityscope[MAX_EDICTS];
      unsigned int csqcentitysendflags[MAX_EDICTS];

      unsigned char csqcentityglobalhistory[MAX_EDICTS]; // set to 1 if the entity was ever csqc networked to the client, and never reset back to 0
      csqcentityframedb_t csqcentityframehistory[NUM_CSQCENTITYDB_FRAMES];
      int csqcentityframehistory_next;
      int csqcentityframe_lastreset;

      /// prevent animated names
00257       float nametime;

      /// latest received clc_ackframe (used to detect packet loss)
00260       int latestframenum;

      /// cache weaponmodel name lookups
00263       char weaponmodel[MAX_QPATH];
      int weaponmodelindex;

      /// clientcamera (entity to use as camera)
00267       int clientcamera;

      entityframe_database_t *entitydatabase;
      entityframe4_database_t *entitydatabase4;
      entityframe5_database_t *entitydatabase5;

      // delta compression of stats
      unsigned char statsdeltabits[(MAX_CL_STATS+7)/8];
      int stats[MAX_CL_STATS];

      unsigned char unreliablemsg_data[NET_MAXMESSAGE];
      sizebuf_t unreliablemsg;
      int unreliablemsg_splitpoints;
      int unreliablemsg_splitpoint[NET_MAXMESSAGE/16];

      // information on an active download if any
      qfile_t *download_file;
00284       int download_expectedposition; ///< next position the client should ack
      qboolean download_started;
      char download_name[MAX_QPATH];
      qboolean download_deflate;

      // fixangle data
      qboolean fixangle_angles_set;
      vec3_t fixangle_angles;

      /// demo recording
00294       qfile_t *sv_demo_file;

      // number of skipped entity frames
      // if it exceeds a limit, an empty entity frame is sent
      int num_skippedentityframes;
} client_t;


// edict->movetype values
#define     MOVETYPE_NONE                 0           ///< never moves
#define     MOVETYPE_ANGLECLIP            2
#define     MOVETYPE_WALK                 3           ///< gravity
#define     MOVETYPE_STEP                 4           ///< gravity, special edge handling
#define     MOVETYPE_FLY                  5
#define     MOVETYPE_TOSS                 6           ///< gravity
#define     MOVETYPE_PUSH                 7           ///< no clip to world, push and crush
#define     MOVETYPE_NOCLIP               8
#define     MOVETYPE_FLYMISSILE           9           ///< extra size to monsters
#define     MOVETYPE_BOUNCE               10
#define MOVETYPE_BOUNCEMISSILE      11          ///< bounce w/o gravity
#define MOVETYPE_FOLLOW             12          ///< track movement of aiment
#define MOVETYPE_FAKEPUSH           13          ///< tenebrae's push that doesn't push
#define MOVETYPE_PHYSICS            32          ///< indicates this object is physics controlled

// edict->solid values
#define     SOLID_NOT                     0           ///< no interaction with other objects
#define     SOLID_TRIGGER                 1           ///< touch on edge, but not blocking
#define     SOLID_BBOX                    2           ///< touch on edge, block
#define     SOLID_SLIDEBOX                3           ///< touch on edge, but not an onground
#define     SOLID_BSP                     4           ///< bsp clip, touch on edge, block
// LordHavoc: corpse code
#define     SOLID_CORPSE                  5           ///< same as SOLID_BBOX, except it behaves as SOLID_NOT against SOLID_SLIDEBOX objects (players/monsters)
// LordHavoc: physics
#define     SOLID_PHYSICS_BOX       32          ///< physics object (mins, maxs, mass, origin, axis_forward, axis_left, axis_up, velocity, spinvelocity)
#define     SOLID_PHYSICS_SPHERE    33          ///< physics object (mins, maxs, mass, origin, axis_forward, axis_left, axis_up, velocity, spinvelocity)
#define     SOLID_PHYSICS_CAPSULE   34          ///< physics object (mins, maxs, mass, origin, axis_forward, axis_left, axis_up, velocity, spinvelocity)

// edict->deadflag values
#define     DEAD_NO                             0
#define     DEAD_DYING                    1
#define     DEAD_DEAD                     2

#define     DAMAGE_NO                     0
#define     DAMAGE_YES                    1
#define     DAMAGE_AIM                    2

// edict->flags
#define     FL_FLY                              1
#define     FL_SWIM                             2
#define     FL_CONVEYOR                   4
#define     FL_CLIENT                     8
#define     FL_INWATER                    16
#define     FL_MONSTER                    32
#define     FL_GODMODE                    64
#define     FL_NOTARGET                   128
#define     FL_ITEM                             256
#define     FL_ONGROUND                   512
#define     FL_PARTIALGROUND        1024  ///< not all corners are valid
#define     FL_WATERJUMP                  2048  ///< player jumping out of water
#define     FL_JUMPRELEASED               4096  ///< for jump debouncing

#define     SPAWNFLAG_NOT_EASY                  256
#define     SPAWNFLAG_NOT_MEDIUM          512
#define     SPAWNFLAG_NOT_HARD                  1024
#define     SPAWNFLAG_NOT_DEATHMATCH      2048


extern cvar_t coop;
extern cvar_t deathmatch;
extern cvar_t fraglimit;
extern cvar_t gamecfg;
extern cvar_t noexit;
extern cvar_t nomonsters;
extern cvar_t pausable;
extern cvar_t pr_checkextension;
extern cvar_t samelevel;
extern cvar_t saved1;
extern cvar_t saved2;
extern cvar_t saved3;
extern cvar_t saved4;
extern cvar_t savedgamecfg;
extern cvar_t scratch1;
extern cvar_t scratch2;
extern cvar_t scratch3;
extern cvar_t scratch4;
extern cvar_t skill;
extern cvar_t slowmo;
extern cvar_t sv_accelerate;
extern cvar_t sv_aim;
extern cvar_t sv_airaccel_qw;
extern cvar_t sv_airaccel_sideways_friction;
extern cvar_t sv_airaccelerate;
extern cvar_t sv_airstopaccelerate;
extern cvar_t sv_airstrafeaccelerate;
extern cvar_t sv_maxairstrafespeed;
extern cvar_t sv_airstrafeaccel_qw;
extern cvar_t sv_aircontrol;
extern cvar_t sv_aircontrol_power;
extern cvar_t sv_aircontrol_penalty;
extern cvar_t sv_airspeedlimit_nonqw;
extern cvar_t sv_allowdownloads;
extern cvar_t sv_allowdownloads_archive;
extern cvar_t sv_allowdownloads_config;
extern cvar_t sv_allowdownloads_dlcache;
extern cvar_t sv_allowdownloads_inarchive;
extern cvar_t sv_areagrid_mingridsize;
extern cvar_t sv_checkforpacketsduringsleep;
extern cvar_t sv_clmovement_enable;
extern cvar_t sv_clmovement_minping;
extern cvar_t sv_clmovement_minping_disabletime;
extern cvar_t sv_clmovement_inputtimeout;
extern cvar_t sv_clmovement_maxnetfps;
extern cvar_t sv_cullentities_nevercullbmodels;
extern cvar_t sv_cullentities_pvs;
extern cvar_t sv_cullentities_stats;
extern cvar_t sv_cullentities_trace;
extern cvar_t sv_cullentities_trace_delay;
extern cvar_t sv_cullentities_trace_enlarge;
extern cvar_t sv_cullentities_trace_prediction;
extern cvar_t sv_cullentities_trace_samples;
extern cvar_t sv_cullentities_trace_samples_extra;
extern cvar_t sv_debugmove;
extern cvar_t sv_echobprint;
extern cvar_t sv_edgefriction;
extern cvar_t sv_entpatch;
extern cvar_t sv_fixedframeratesingleplayer;
extern cvar_t sv_freezenonclients;
extern cvar_t sv_friction;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_blowupfallenzombies;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_consistentplayerprethink;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_delayprojectiles;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_droptofloorstartsolid;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_droptofloorstartsolid_nudgetocorrect;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_easierwaterjump;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_findradiusdistancetobox;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_gravityunaffectedbyticrate;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_grenadebouncedownslopes;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_multiplethinksperframe;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_noairborncorpse;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_noairborncorpse_allowsuspendeditems;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_nudgeoutofsolid;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_nudgeoutofsolid_separation;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_q2airaccelerate;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_nogravityonground;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_setmodelrealbox;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_slidemoveprojectiles;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_stepdown;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_stepwhilejumping;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_stepmultipletimes;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_nostepmoveonsteepslopes;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_swiminbmodels;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_upwardvelocityclearsongroundflag;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_downtracesupportsongroundflag;
extern cvar_t sv_gameplayfix_q1bsptracelinereportstexture;
extern cvar_t sv_gravity;
extern cvar_t sv_idealpitchscale;
extern cvar_t sv_jumpstep;
extern cvar_t sv_jumpvelocity;
extern cvar_t sv_maxairspeed;
extern cvar_t sv_maxrate;
extern cvar_t sv_maxspeed;
extern cvar_t sv_maxvelocity;
extern cvar_t sv_nostep;
extern cvar_t sv_playerphysicsqc;
extern cvar_t sv_progs;
extern cvar_t sv_protocolname;
extern cvar_t sv_random_seed;
extern cvar_t sv_ratelimitlocalplayer;
extern cvar_t sv_sound_land;
extern cvar_t sv_sound_watersplash;
extern cvar_t sv_stepheight;
extern cvar_t sv_stopspeed;
extern cvar_t sv_wallfriction;
extern cvar_t sv_wateraccelerate;
extern cvar_t sv_waterfriction;
extern cvar_t sys_ticrate;
extern cvar_t teamplay;
extern cvar_t temp1;
extern cvar_t timelimit;

extern mempool_t *sv_mempool;

/// persistant server info
extern server_static_t svs;
/// local server
extern server_t sv;

extern client_t *host_client;


void SV_Init (void);

void SV_StartParticle (vec3_t org, vec3_t dir, int color, int count);
void SV_StartEffect (vec3_t org, int modelindex, int startframe, int framecount, int framerate);
void SV_StartSound (prvm_edict_t *entity, int channel, const char *sample, int volume, float attenuation);
void SV_StartPointSound (vec3_t origin, const char *sample, int volume, float attenuation);

void SV_ConnectClient (int clientnum, netconn_t *netconnection);
void SV_DropClient (qboolean crash);

void SV_SendClientMessages (void);

void SV_ReadClientMessage(void);

// precachemode values:
// 0 = fail if not precached,
// 1 = warn if not found and precache if possible
// 2 = precache
int SV_ModelIndex(const char *s, int precachemode);
int SV_SoundIndex(const char *s, int precachemode);

int SV_ParticleEffectIndex(const char *name);

dp_model_t *SV_GetModelByIndex(int modelindex);
dp_model_t *SV_GetModelFromEdict(prvm_edict_t *ed);

void SV_SetIdealPitch (void);

void SV_AddUpdates (void);

void SV_ClientThink (void);

void SV_ClientPrint(const char *msg);
void SV_ClientPrintf(const char *fmt, ...) DP_FUNC_PRINTF(1);
void SV_BroadcastPrint(const char *msg);
void SV_BroadcastPrintf(const char *fmt, ...) DP_FUNC_PRINTF(1);

void SV_Physics (void);
void SV_Physics_ClientMove (void);
//void SV_Physics_ClientEntity (prvm_edict_t *ent);

qboolean SV_PlayerCheckGround (prvm_edict_t *ent);
qboolean SV_CheckBottom (prvm_edict_t *ent);
qboolean SV_movestep (prvm_edict_t *ent, vec3_t move, qboolean relink, qboolean noenemy, qboolean settrace);

/*! Needs to be called any time an entity changes origin, mins, maxs, or solid
 * sets ent->v.absmin and ent->v.absmax
 * call TouchAreaGrid as well to fire triggers that overlap the box
void SV_LinkEdict(prvm_edict_t *ent);
void SV_LinkEdict_TouchAreaGrid(prvm_edict_t *ent);
void SV_LinkEdict_TouchAreaGrid_Call(prvm_edict_t *touch, prvm_edict_t *ent); // if we detected a touch from another source

/*! move an entity that is stuck by small amounts in various directions to try to nudge it back into the collision hull
 * returns true if it found a better place
qboolean SV_UnstickEntity (prvm_edict_t *ent);

/// calculates hitsupercontentsmask for a generic qc entity
int SV_GenericHitSuperContentsMask(const prvm_edict_t *edict);
/// traces a box move against worldmodel and all entities in the specified area
trace_t SV_TraceBox(const vec3_t start, const vec3_t mins, const vec3_t maxs, const vec3_t end, int type, prvm_edict_t *passedict, int hitsupercontentsmask);
trace_t SV_TraceLine(const vec3_t start, const vec3_t end, int type, prvm_edict_t *passedict, int hitsupercontentsmask);
trace_t SV_TracePoint(const vec3_t start, int type, prvm_edict_t *passedict, int hitsupercontentsmask);

qboolean SV_CanSeeBox(int numsamples, vec_t enlarge, vec3_t eye, vec3_t entboxmins, vec3_t entboxmaxs);

int SV_PointSuperContents(const vec3_t point);

void SV_FlushBroadcastMessages(void);
void SV_WriteClientdataToMessage (client_t *client, prvm_edict_t *ent, sizebuf_t *msg, int *stats);

void SV_MoveToGoal (void);

void SV_ApplyClientMove (void);
void SV_SaveSpawnparms (void);
void SV_SpawnServer (const char *server);

void SV_CheckVelocity (prvm_edict_t *ent);

void SV_SetupVM(void);

void SV_VM_Begin(void);
void SV_VM_End(void);

const char *Host_TimingReport(void); ///< for output in Host_Status_f

int SV_GetPitchSign(prvm_edict_t *ent);
void SV_GetEntityMatrix (prvm_edict_t *ent, matrix4x4_t *out, qboolean viewmatrix);


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